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Sensory Processing Disorder, what does the evidence support?

  You may have heard about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), a term frequently used by many therapists working with children. Supporters of this condition say that individuals with this affliction have difficulty organising information received through the sensory systems from within their bodies and from the environment. Advocates of SPD further propose this sensory disturbance […]

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Making Stepfamilies work: Two day workshop for couples (starting August 2014)

What the workshop offers: First a few facts This workshop offers parents managing stepfamilies a place to formally learn about the common features of stepfamilies. This will better equip you for the task. A stepfamily demands different expectations and roles, so our aim is to encourage an awareness of the need to forge new ways of being in a stepfamily. If you […]

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PLAY SKILLS GROUPS starting Term 3 2014 for Preschool through to Primary age children

PLAY SKILLS GROUPS starting Term 3 2014 for Preschool through to Primary age children. The groups will be run by occupational therapists Mari Carmen Escribano  and Linda Nelson and will focus on co-operative imaginative play, and learning and practising card and board games. Group members will be engaging in turn-taking, sharing toys and equipment, and making and […]

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Research: Links between handwriting and brain development

Research: Links between handwriting and brain development There is much controversy regarding the need for our children to continue learning handwriting at school and produce handwritten work in the classroom in this era of the i-Pad and personal computers. So for those of us working with children who see the positive impact of handwriting on […]

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